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Guess the logo and become the best quiz games player! There are dozens of popular brands puzzles to solve.

Play with friends offline and enjoy one of the best games 2019. Train your brain trying to remember pics, names, flags or shapes in multiple choice questions. Can you complete every free logo quiz and pass all these fun challenges?

Check out Logomania features!

- Unlimited levels and multiple challenges
- Perfect logo game to play with friends offline
- Guess the logo and set a new record
- Train your brain remembering pics, flags and brands
- Different categories: actors, cinema or worldwide logo quiz
- Free daily prizes: spin the wheel to win lives
- One of the best new games 2019
- Addictive and funny to play
- Stunning graphics and sound effects
- Guess companies without hints in tons of levels

Logomania is one of the most relaxing games ever: sometimes you have to guess the logo from a picture, or maybe you need to select the correct shape of a logo. There are four options in every level, so it’s important to be accurate. Complete every logo quiz to reach top 5 of the leaderboard and got fun with friends. If you love trivia games, you will enjoy one of the best new games 2019. Play for free now and guess the answer.

Do you think you know all companies in the world? To you love addictive challenges? Try the best logo quiz game and guess pics, solve jigsaws with brands and have fun in this time killer game 2019. Solve levels without using hints and become the best trivia player with Logomania!
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